Todd Esposito
Synaptic Spillage

Synaptic Spillage


About Me

Hi, I'm Todd. No, not that Todd, the other one.

I've been writing software in Python for at least 15 years. Probably more like 20, but I don't recall when I first starting using Python in earnest. It was one of those things which just crept up on me.

I've also been building web sites for about 20 years. Yes, that's a long time, and yes, we DID have the web 20 years ago, but boy let me tell you, it was something entirely else in those days.

This is a repository of thoughts, notes, and musings about my projects, learnings, and other nonsense. It's here for my reference.

If anyone else benefits from what I put here, that's great, though highly suspect. But feel free to give it a go, anyway. 😊